Table of Contents

2018-12-07 Power BI Premium Service

2018-05-16 SSRS & PowerBI Tips & Tricks

2018-03-21 Microsoft PowerBI Overview

2018-01-17 Data Analytics and Analysis Support in Research Services

2017-11-15 Session: Tableau BIC@UI

2017-07-19 Session: Business Intelligence at the University of Iowa Foundation

2017-05-17 Session: Business Analytics & Information Systems major (BAIS) student capstone projects

2017-01-18 Session: UI Predictive Modeling for Recruitment & Retention

2017-11-18 Session: SAS to R

2016-09-21 Session: The 13 Most Common Dashboard Mistakes

2018-12-07 Power BI Premium Service

2018-05-16 SSRS & PowerBI Tips & Tricks

2018-03-21 MS Power Bi Overview

  • Slides: PDF iconMS Power BI Overview
  • The ITS Business Intelligence Shared Service Center (BISSC) will provide a MS Power BI Overview.
    • Share the most recent architecture strategy, development and deployment options. 
    • Showcase BISSC Power BI Solutions
    • Share their analysis methodology of MS Power BI as a tool and their findings
  • Campus Power BI developers will join to share their development efforts and tool analysis of MS Power BI.
  • BISSC will provide an update on the licensing options and direction of MS Power BI environment on our campus

2018-01-17 Data Analytics and Analysis Support in Research Services

Slides: PDF iconData Analytics and Analysis Support in Research Services slides


Ben Rogers and Kang Lee will provide an overview of the trends in research computing related to data analytics and analysis such as the adoption of deep learning, python, R, and increasingly multimodal data sets. We will then talk about specific projects, classes, and services undertaken by Research Services including Python Data Analytics training, the Iowa Quantified IoT platform, and more.


2017-11-15 Session: Tableau BIC@UI


Registration required: BIC@UI Tableau Qualtrics Survey


  • Network Kickoff (Beverages and Snacks
  • Tableau architecture overview 
  • BI Best Practices – Visualizations, drill through and  Dynamic Dashboard Integration 
  • Tableau Higher Education Solution Showcase     
  • Network Break (Beverages and Snacks)  
  • Tableau Tech Talks and interactive Use Case scenarios 
    • BI Self-Discovery
    • Analytics 
    • Calculations & Level of Detail Calculations
    • R – Integration
    • Security
  • Tableau Roadmap & Wrap-up   


2017-09-20 Session: SSIS Within An Hour

Agenda & Slides

  • What is SSIS and ETL?
  • SSIS Server Architecture
  • ETL Development Demo ("SSIS ETL within an hour")
    • Start to finish of an ETL utilizing best practice frameworks
    • Incorporate environmental variables, error handling and notifications
    • Examples of data sources: Oracle DBMS, SQL Server DMBS, SharePoint list, REST API
    • Use of Task Factory for part of the ETL
  • Microsoft Roadmap
  • Questions / Group Discussion

2017-07-19 Session: Business Intelligence at the University of Iowa Foundation

Agenda & Slides

FileBusiness Intelligence at theUniversity of Iowa Foundation

Josh Gants,  Interim Chief Information Officer and his team
Topics include: 

  • discussion of current state of data and reporting
  • Business Intelligence technical environment and architecture of solutions
  • overview of some of our dashboards and the larger projects associated 
    • how they are used 
    • lessons learned from the projects
  • future plans 
    • new Analytics department

2017-05-17: Business Analytics & Information Systems major (BAIS) student capstone projects


  Michael Altemeier, Lecturer and Director, Tippie Analytics Cooperative, from the department of Management Sciences in the Tippie College of Business, will share an overview of the Business Analytics & Information Systems major (BAIS) student capstone projects. Michael will review the capstone project goals, approaches and strategies used to solve their objective. No slides are available, due to proprietary agreements, but some of the projects Mike shared include:

US Soccer – Soccer Attendance prediction. Data is provided which includes event characteristics (dates, locations, ticket price, attendance, and opponent). Additional data will need collected to aid in the analysis. The objective is to determine what characteristics drive attendance.

UIHC – Patient flow map and simulation. Information is known about patient flow timing at different points of the visit (check in, room assignment, exit). This team will visit UIHC and understand the current process and then build a simulation that can closely represent existing state. The team will work with the COO and present findings.

UIHC – No show / late arrival prediction. Given demographic and scheduling information, create prediction model for no-shows to aid UIHC in scheduling.

College Raptor – Predictive Modeling for College Enrollment. The project will include data about the college's enrollment profile, historical information on over 100,000 enrolling and non-enrolling students from prior years, algorithmic match scores, and estimated financial data for each student. This project's deliverable will be a model that predicts a prospective student's likelihood of enrolling at a college. The team will present findings to the company owner.

BMO Transportation Finance – Inorganic runoff prediction. 100K account schedules each have their own timeline. BMO would like to forecast when accounts will run-off unplanned so they can better schedule staff. Presentation at the companies Cedar Rapids is required.


Agenda & Slides:

UI Predictive Modeling for Recruitment & Retention

Michael Hovland, Director of Enrollment MgmtData Analytics
Knute Carter, Assistant Professor, College of Public Health



BI Related Announcements (Eric Hudson & Adam Pyatt, ITS)
SAS to R (Grant Brown, Biyue Dai, and Uche Nwoke, College of Public Health)


SAS to R



BI Community Purpose Overview & Background
BI Community Steering Committee Introduction
Stephen Few Dashboard Design: What NOT to do
BI Community Focus Session Input Forum
BI Community Kickoff PRIZE drawing (must be present to win)


Download the slides: PDF icon2016-09-23 BI Community 13 Dashboard Mistakes.pdf

BI Needs Assessment report:

BI Needs Assessment


PDF icon13MistakesHandout.pdf