The BI Community is the focal point of collaboration for campus BI Providers that will integrate the pockets of BI knowledge and help bridge the skills and expertise gaps that exist across campus. The goal of the BI Community is to increase collaboration across campus, strengthen relationships, and build expertise to allow for more efficient development of BI Solutions.  The BI Community will provide a forum for BI practitioners to actively share their expertise.  Campus units will be encouraged to participate in the BI Community as they pursue their own BI projects.    

The BI Community will largely exist through bi-monthly meetings targeted toward BI Solution Providers and BI Practitioners.  Each meeting is intended to be a dynamic, topic-based, training/discussion session driven by input from BI providers and the BI Community Steering Committee.

Membership: Any University of Iowa BI Provider or BI Practitioner is encouraged to attend or present at a BIC@UI session.

Upcoming Events: BI Community Upcoming Events

Past events: Business Intelligence Community Event & Slide Archive (including slides from past events)

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Charter Business Intelligence Community Charter.pdf

The Business Intelligence Steering Committee:

  • Mike Altemeier - Management Sciences, TCOB
  • Matt Anson - Academic Planning & Analysis, Assessment
  • Jim Borland - Information Technology Services
  • Grant Brown - Biostatistics
  • Eddie Etesy - Athletics
  • Hans Hoerschelman - Business Services
  • Andrew Jenkins - Graduate College
  • Jose Jimenez - Research Information Systems
  • Mike Kaplan - Human Resources
  • Luke Mennen - Center for Advancement
  • Brandon Mills - Residential and Student Life Services
  • Mike Noel (Executive Sponsor) - Information Technology Services
  • Duane Staskal -  Carver College of Medicine
  • Katie Tunning - HCIS
  • Brenda Ulin (Chairperson) - Information Technology Services
  • Kris Yows - Office of the Provost