Digital Media Producers Group

The Digital Media Producers group is a UI community for sharing best practices, ideas, resources, and creating opportunities around the production and publishing of video and audio content.


The goals, objectives and responsibilities of this group will encompass the following:

  • Increase communication between digital media producers on campus
  • Encourage appropriate collaborations between digital media producers across campus
  • Support development of robust digital media systems and services, such as asset sharing, best practices, a central list of referral resources, etc.
  • Provide a forum for understanding the correct balance between central and local support
  • Define and develop metrics for assessing effective use of digital media solutions
  • Developing and implementing digital media standards to improve quality, accessibility, consistency, and branding

Core Team and Planning Membership

Membership of the group will primarily include staff, faculty, or students who create or share audio or video media with others on campus.  Membership should be as open and inclusive as possible in order to ensure that the goals and responsibilities of the group can be met.  Local digital media liaison members will rotate on a two-year basis. The Core Team will also be responsible for identifying appropriate membership and for managing membership lists.  The goals should be reviewed every two years.

  • Sue Almén-Whittaker, ITS-Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology, Senior Instructional Technology Consultant, Co-Chair (Term: No Expiration)
  • Clarity Guerra, Office of Strategic Communications, Creative Media Manager/Producer, Co-Chair (Term: No Expiration)
  • Scott Fiddelke, Communications and Marketing, Assistant Director, Local digital media liaison (Term: 2014-16)
  • Ben Lewis, IMU Marketing, Webmaster, Local digital media liaison (Term: 2014-16)
  • Kaitlyn Busbee, University of Iowa Health Care, Marketing and Communications - Creative Services, Creative Media Specialist, Local digital media liasion (Term: 2015-17)