The Early Professionals Community is a campus IT community that strives to engage, develop, and celebrate early professionals that work in or closely collaborate with OneIT. EPC provides networking and training events; easy and transparent access to materials and knowledge; and collaboration opportunities with existing IT communities, OneIT initiatives, and other groups on campus that focus on professional development.

Membership: This community is open to anyone to attend but will predominantly focus on topics that would be most salient to early professionals and their sponsors, mentors, and allies. An early professional may include someone who identifies with one or more of the following:

  • New to the University of Iowa
  • New to (or trying to position self to be in new) workgroup, position, role, or responsibilities 
  • On the lower end of classifications for job family 
  • Majority of work is as an individual contributor, not as a leader or manager
  • Wants to create connections or support network normally gained by becoming established in the organization
  • Feels disconnected from decision-making processes and wants greater insights or a forum to provide feedback
  • Younger (or fewer years experience) than median for someone executing current position, role, or responsibilities

Upcoming and Past Events: Meeting agendas and notes will be posted to the OneIT Intranet Site.