While it can be argued that there is no discrete, identifiable community for instructional technologists, there is certainly a governance structure of advisory committees that guides the instructional technology decisions of the campus. Creation of the new UI Support Community for Instructional Technology (SCIT) is not intended to take the place of the current governance structure. However, it is hoped that the new community will fit well into that structure, with flows of communication providing alignment to other efforts and strategies. By using the currently available governance structure, there is also the decreased likelihood for gaps in communication and decision flow. (See community and governance overview chart at the end of the document.) The group will be cosponsored by the CIO and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. In order to maintain alignment with campus priorities and strategies, the group will communicate when necessary and useful with the Campus Information Technology Leaders (CITL) and the Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC). While not directly related to the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), which is a faculty charter committee, communication with that group about these activities will be beneficial as well. Subcommittees may be formed when appropriate to focus on specific issues and topics and other instructional groups, such as user groups, may find it useful to leverage the membership and meetings to highlight their projects and objectives.