Membership of the group will primarily include staff, faculty, or graduate assistants who provide ongoing instructional technology support to others on campus. Membership should be as open and inclusive as possible in order to ensure that the goals and responsibilities of the group can be met.

It is expected that the objectives of this new community will thoroughly encompass issues surrounding ICON, not only in regards to the vendor of the CMS, but also as regards new instructional technology tools as they become available. Therefore, it is recommended that the ICON Advisory Team be folded into this new community. Initial membership will be taken from the former ICON Advisory Team and the SCIT Core Team will identify and invite additional members to join prior the first meeting in August 2010.

Core Team Members:

  • Annette Beck - ITS-Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology, Chair
  • Ray Bennett - College of Public Health
  • Vern Duba - College of Pharmacy
  • Sarah Williams - College of Engineering
  • Sean Kelley - College of Dentistry
  • Ron Kral - Division of Continuing Education
  • Shannon Manley, Carver College of Medicine
  • Sampada Mhatre- College of Nursing
  • Joseph Ochola - College of Education
  • Jeff Reuter - College of Business
  • Matthew Butler- University Libraries
  • Jenifer Steil - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Gregory P. Johnson - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences