Women in Technology (WIT) is an affinity group for women and welcome anyone who identifies as she/her.  Join the WIT Teams site.

WIT holds a space for women to safely express their experiences without having to worry about others not understanding them.  Affinity groups are meant to bring people who have things in common together to share experiences and/or work toward a common goal.  

The WIT group's goal is to create a space where women can feel comfortable communicating and sharing. The group highlights events related to women, introduce women on campus, and share stories of people who are supporting women in a positive way.

How can I support women in technology?

  • Let your women colleagues know about WIT.
  • Find 30 minutes to have a conversation (virtually or in person) with someone you'd like to learn more about.

WIT Leadership Team:

  • Emily McKeag
  • Holly Soboroff